The Gree Bora range is the ideal entry-level option for a variety of applications because it is quiet and energy-efficient.

  • An anti-corrosive coating on all printed circuit boards to help protect the electronics
  • Dry connection for gate card or remote on/off operation, great for schools and hotels
  • Bluefin coils for corrosion protection
  • Mono/multi compatible
  • Intelligent Auto Reset, with power off memory function

The Bora range is supported by Gree’s industry-leading 6-year warranty in both residential and commercial applications and includes mini photocatalytic filters and Wi-Fi control as standard features. with 4 sizes, ranging from 2.5kW – 7.1kW.


GREE, a company renowned for its high level of technological expertise, emphasises the remote control of indoor units heavily. The WiFi-enabled (WiFi ready) Bora air conditioner line enables remote control from almost anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

“iFeel” Remote Control

Every unit includes a Gree YAG1FB4 remote control. The YAG1FB4 has “iFeel” control in addition to user and timer functions for added comfort.

Smart Health

High-Density Filters are included with the Gree Bora line. To remove more dust and pollen from the air, these filters are denser than usual. As a standard, mini photocatalytic filters are used. The Gree Bora product line includes a coil drying feature. This option automatically turns on the indoor fan for a predetermined amount of time after turning off the unit. This dries the indoor coil to stop mildew growth.

Reliably Smart

  • Soft Start software limits the compressor start up current
  • Low voltage start, provides protection against brown outs and poor power supplies
  • Low power usage in standby mode, 0.5 watts
  • Wide temperature cooling operation from -10~50oC
  • Low-temperature heating operation from -15~24oC

Intelligent Defrosting

Intelligent defrosting is designed to minimise the defrost time and reduce the number of defrost cycles; therefore, reducing energy waste.

Quietly Smart

The new Bora range of heat pumps incorporates noise reducing technology. Coupled with 7 fan modes you get perfect airflow with quiet operation.


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