Servicing & Repair Requests

Book a Servicing & Repair Request for your heating or cooling system in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. Please fill out our form below for professional service, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Servicing & Repair Booking Form

    We offer a complete service and repair for a wide range of heating & cooling systems across Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. Our dedicated and experienced Heating and Cooling team will provide prompt and professional service.

    Just like a car, a well serviced heating and cooling system will function at its full potential and extend the lifespan and performance of your unit. Added benefits also include;

    • Maintaining your installation to then comply with the manufacturer’s warranty conditions.
    • Ensures air quality within your home is maintained at a high standard.
    • Correctly maintain your gas and or electrical Heating & Cooling equipment to ensure a healthy home.
    • Correctly maintained gas and or electrical Heating & Cooling equipment will reduce running costs and improve energy efficiency and the life span of your equipment.
    • Government guidelines request that all equipment should be serviced every two years, so talk to us about a biannual service plan.

    Repair Notes: McKinnon Heating & Cooling do not recommend repairing equipment over 10-12 years old, as the continuous operation of the equipment will not be and can’t be guaranteed even after any repairs have been carried out. Often an air conditioner or heater can be repaired and is working then over night or serval days or week later will not start due to an associated part failure. The consumer is responsible for the full cost of the associated part failure and our revisit to fix, the consumer takes full responsibility for this choice.

    • We always recommend that a replacement unit be considered and discussed with us at the time of booking in a potential service technician to attend.
    • Replaced parts carry a limited 12-month warranty for the part only.
    • Labour to fix a part under warranty is chargeable.
    • Labour to fix a part under warranty is chargeable.

    Peak Season Demand: During peak demand months for both Heating & Cooling seasons you will encounter throughout our industry extended lead times for our technicians to be able to attend your property. This is a consistent story line that occurs every single year, both over summer and winter and with demand sometimes 10 times its normal level. We ask that consumers look at getting their Heating & Cooling products serviced 3 months prior in August & September for cooling and March/April for heating. You can Expect demand in peak periods to be out to 4 weeks.