Rinnai Energy Saver

The Rinnai Space Natural Gas Heater Console is a great option for those who are sensitive to air quality. Humidifier tray offers the ability to enhance indoor air comfort. Add a crop of aromatherapy oil for added comfort.

Save Energy

You could save energy and decrease your heating costs using this energy saver gas heater which features 2.1 stars efficiency rating.

Indoor Air Quality

Greater indoor air quality with zero emissions into the room – the gas heater is perfect for those who may be prone to allergies or respiratory problems.

Desired Temperature

The gas heater includes an easy-to-use push button heat selection control which allows you to select a preferred temperature (Low, Med & High). Then the Gas heater has a 2-speed fan allowing for even heat distribution.


The gas heater features cosy radiant warmth which is suitable for large living areas with powerful heat output.


There are many different features that are available with Rinnai gas heating appliances. This will give an overview of each feature the benefits gained and a brief explanation of how they work.

Thermostatic Heat Control

Often referred to as seta’n’forget, thermostatic control means that the heater will modulate up and down to ensure a set temperature is maintained, for greater comfort.

Manual Heat Control

this applies to the heater models that have a number of predetermined settings that you can select from. Some heaters have Low/ Med/ High options while others can have up to 6 manual settings.

  • Timers Models with timers have one of the following:
  • Dual Weekday & Weekend Timers Set the heater to come on and off in the mornings and evenings for weekdays Monday-Friday. Additionally, different times can be set for weekends when people prefer to get up late later.
  • Dual Timers Set the heater to come on and off in the mornings and evenings (or any other selected dual periods). Timers are set separately allowing you to operate with both just one or none at all.
  • Multiple Timers (4 Periods) Where 4 periods per day can be set at varying temperatures. Ideal for mornings when waking and coming home in the evening, with the other 2 periods usually set as a minimum desired temperature during the day and overnight. In addition, each day of the week can have a different setting, making these timers the most flexible available.
  • Delay Timer (FDT) This feature is only available with the “FDT” range of Energysaver Power Flued heaters and is usually used for commercial applications such as schools etc. Factory ordered & preset, the delay timer automatically shuts the heater off after a predetermined (programmed) time of either 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, or 12-hour intervals. As an additional feature, a central relay timer can be programmed to operate multiple heaters.

Preheat Feature

This function will automatically operate the appliance before the programmed start time of the timer, in order to heat a room to the preset temperature by the programmed start time.

Economy Button

The Economy (ECON) function is an energy-saving feature. It gradually reduces the heat settings once has maintained the set temperature for a period of 1 hour. Many people operate heaters at a higher temperature initially when they are cold, but forget to turn them down later.

Auto Off feature

The auto-off feature found on some of our Energy savers and Space Heaters is only relevant when the minimum heat setting of the heater still has too much heat output to maintain the set temperature. If the auto-off feature is activated, the heater would turn off rather than continue to heat the room above the set temperature

Override Button

The override button is only used when a heater has programmed timers set. It allows you to manually activate the heater outside of the programmed times without disruption to the settings (i.e: if someone comes home early from work/ school).

Child Lock or Lock Button

A feature that ensures that children cannot activate or play with the heater. If the lock is activated when the appliance is turned OFF then all the functions are locked. If the lock is activated when the heater is in operation, then only the OFF button will function.

Lockable Panel

The commercial Energysaver FDT models have a key lockable control panel lid. This is primarily to ensure that programmed times and/or temperature settings are not adjusted by the public.

Filter Indicator Light

When the fan filters become covered with dust, the filter indicator will flash. The filters on all heaters should be vacuumed at regular intervals to optimise heating effectiveness.


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