Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric provides you with cutting-edge heat pump technology that is quiet, easy to use, efficient in terms of energy use, and most importantly, dependable, whether you need continuous heating or cooling for your home or place of business.

Quality & Reliability

Mitsubishi Electric stands out in a very positive way when it comes to comfort, effectiveness, and durability. It’s referred to as MEQ, or Mitsubishi Electric Quality. The MEQ standard merely uses a new testing standard to produce products that have been tested in compliance with the Mitsubishi Electric standard. Before leaving the factory, every Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner for every production line is mounted on a testing rig and put through a series of rigorous tests.

Flexible Choice

Air conditioners come in a variety of configurations, including ceiling cassettes, wall-mounted, floor-standing, ceiling-concealed, and ceiling-suspended units. This gives customers the flexibility to choose the best air conditioner for their needs.

Peace of Mind

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners consistently provide dependable performance. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners come with a complete 5-year parts and labour warranty when utilised in residential settings.


Benefits of Ducted Air

Climate control at the push of a button is provided by Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning. An all-encompassing air conditioning system that works in the majority* of new or existing homes. When using ducted air conditioning, conditioned air is circulated throughout the house by an interior unit that is discretely put in the ceiling or beneath the floor. With enough room on either side for airflow and simple maintenance access, the outside unit is neatly mounted to one side of the home.


Flexible installation choices with different air inlet and air exit distances. Air that is cool or warm can circulate throughout the house thanks to ducted air conditioning.


With the delicate use of a variety of diffusers, return air grilles, and controllers, ducted air conditioning offers a covert solution that allows for a sleek installation that may smoothly integrate into a space without interfering with interior décor.

Zone Control

To provide control to various rooms of the house, upgrading to a zone controller gives the choice of up to 4 or 8 zones.


Ducted air is a practical and efficient solution that may be installed inconspicuously in bulkhead or ceiling cavities. With the help of discrete diffusers or grilles, this whole-house application can be connected to up to 8 zones to distribute air where it is needed.


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