The adoption of energy-saving designs for the structure of fans, fan motors, compressors, and heat exchangers results in high COP values that are among the industry’s highest. Furthermore, the use of the highly efficient R410A refrigerant decreases CO2 emissions and operational expenses.

Why Choose Panasonic?

Constant Comfort Air Conditioning Panasonic’s Premium Inverter technology ensures precise temperature management and a broader power output range to perform in even the most harsh Australian conditions, ensuring continual comfort.

All Side Discharge R32 Outdoor Units Panasonic’s new outdoor unit line incorporates user-friendly technologies and intelligent engineering. The two unique R32 unit models, Deluxe and Compact, both offer energy and space-saving technology, allowing installation in even the most difficult and demanding settings.

nanoe™ X Technologywith Hydroxyl Radical Advantages Panasonic’s nanoeTM X Technology goes a step further by bringing Nature’s Detergent – Hydroxyl Radicals – indoors to aid in the creation of an ideal environment. By generating hydroxyl radicals in water, nanoeTM X technology dramatically increases their effectiveness, extending the duration of hydroxyl radicals from less than a second in nature to more than 600 seconds – 10 minutes.


Energy Saving Technology

Panasonic’s Premium Inverter technology offers a high-performance, energy-saving ducted air conditioning system that can reduce both cooling capacity and power usage as needed. Panasonic’s ingenious solutions benefit both the environment and your power cost, so you can live a pleasant life while being environmentally conscious.

Designed for The Australian Environment

The operating temperature range of our Premium Inverter ducted systems is exceptional. Cooling is feasible even when it is up to 48oC outdoors, which is ideal for Australia’s hot summer days, and heating is possible even when it is a chilling -20oC outside, so even the coldest parts of Australia are covered.

Superior Technology Makes Superior Systems

  • Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) ready
  • Panasonic Premium Inverter technology
  • DC indoor fan motor*
  • Incredibly quiet operation
  • Compact indoor and outdoor design
  • Easy interfacing for remote On/Off, control outputs, and third-party control.

Quiet Operation

Panasonic Premium Inverter ducted systems are among the quietest in the world, allowing you to use your air conditioner at night while still getting a good night’s sleep. The outdoor unit is also quite quiet, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours.

Cold Drafts Reduced During Winter

Cold draughts are a common unwelcome side effect of ducted air conditioning systems. Panasonic Premium Inverter ducted air conditioners use smart sensor technology during heating mode, allowing airflow to enter the room once it has been warmed. This fantastic feature reduces cold drafts, keeping you warm at all times.

You Can Count on Panasonic

Panasonic air conditioners are built to the highest quality standards, ensuring years of trouble-free comfort. We even back up our dependability with a full 5-year parts and labour warranty.


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