Multi split systems are ideal for apartments, townhouses and single dwellings where space is at a premium because they are designed to run up to 5 multiple indoor units from one outdoor unit. Options include a wall mounted split system header or an inbuilt slim ducted header.

When your home requires heating or cooling in more than one room, or independent room control is needed, the Rinnai Inverter Multi Split System is the simplest way to heat or cool up to five individual rooms with only one outdoor unit.

Traditionally, five rooms would require five indoor units and five outdoor units. This does not allow for the most efficient use of your outdoor space, and can create quite an obtrusive appearance to your home. Rinnai Inverter Multi Split Systems solves this problem and provides individual control of the air conditioning in each room. This optimises comfort and saves on running costs by either only heating or cooling individual rooms as required.

The Rinnai Inverter Multi Split Systems have a choice of two indoor unit types in multiple combination. Rinnai have Hi-Wall and Slim Ducted units in 5 different models ranging from 2.0kW to 7.0kW. There are 5 Outdoor units with capacities ranging from 5.2kW up to 13.6kW, so Rinnai has a system configuration and capacity to virtually any requirement.


Summer Cool & Winter Warm

During operation, a sophisticated control system constantly monitors the system parameters to maintain your desired climate setting. 3D DC synchronization ensures a fast and controlled warm-up and cool-down of your spaces.

Key Features

  • Heating or cooling up to 5 seperate rooms
  • For homes with limited space for ducting
  • The ability to turn individual rooms On or Off as required
  • Individual control of room temperature.

Comfort Without Compromise

With the latest in technology, the Rinnai Inverter Multi Split System quietly maintains steady, stable comfort conditions with quite, efficient performance. Turbo mode, with its rapid cool down or warm up, helps achieve the desired room temperature in the shortest possible time.

Feature Packed Hi-Wall Unit

The stylish Hi-Wall indoor units also have vertical and horizontal swing louvre functions, which assist in achieving a perfect distributed comfortable temperature throughout the room.

Wi-Fi Control

The Rinnai Hi Wall Multi features Wi-Fi control via an app. Simple activation and ease of use, the app can be downloaded via Google Play or iTunes on a compatible mobile device. Once installed and registered, you can operate your appliance on the go.


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