The Gree Free Match System allows you to heat or cool your entire home or office with up to five indoor units and just one outdoor unit. This means less noise and less space required by large outdoor units that power multiple indoor units. Indoor units can be of various types and/or capacities, allowing you to tailor your heating and cooling requirements to your specific home or office.

Choose a 5kW Floor Console for your lounge, a 2.5kW Lomo Hi Wall for your master bedroom, and a 3.5kW Cassette for your kitchen, all of which can be powered by a single outdoor unit. This provides complete temperature control over your entire home or office environment, resulting in increased comfort and energy efficiency.

All Gree Air Conditioners are fitted with Gree’s G10 Inverter Technology

Fixed-speed air conditioners are less powerful and use more energy than inverter air conditioners. Gree G10 Inverters use highly sensitive signal processors to adjust the speed of the air conditioner to the required temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, the G10 Inverter technology ensures that it is maintained indefinitely with minimal noise.


Greater Energy Savings: When compared to a fixed-speed air conditioner, the G10 Inverter can save approximately 20% more power year after year. Furthermore, Gree Air Conditioners use less than 1W of power in standby mode.

Low Noise: 180° Sine Wave DC Speed Gree Various Technology provides precise control that provides continuous operation and precise temperature stability By operating at a higher frequency, The compressor is under less strain. providing superior dependability while providing lower noise levels

Increased Comfort: The G10’s superior control Because of the inverter, even in high outdoor temperatures, The air conditioner will remain operational. the temperature set within 0.5°C.

Controlling the Gree Free Match System

Because each indoor unit has its own controller, you can precisely customise the temperature in each room without affecting the others. The Hi-Wall units have remote controls, while the Cassette and Ducted units have wall-mounted controllers.

Factory WiFi

Wireless Remote Control: Remote Control via Wireless You can control your Lomo Hi Wall or Floor Console Unit from your mobile phone or tablet thanks to the built-in WiFi.