Hydronic Slab Heating

Hydronic slab heating uses hot water pipe embedded in a concrete slab floor to provide home heating. The slab stores the heat, and steadily releases it to provide continuous warmth to your home 24 hours a day.

When using off-peak electricity, slab heating can be an economical method of providing home heating if set at a suitable temperature in a well insulated home. In new homes, cables are laid when the slab is poured and testing is carried out throughout the pouring stage to ensure the cables are not damaged.

Where off-peak tariffs are available, the system is charged overnight and during the afternoon. If the system is sized correctly, it will provide sufficient heat for comfortable temperatures over a 24 hour period. An afternoon boosting period is generally required as overnight charging alone is insufficient to heat most homes.


Hydronic heating uses a high efficient, environmentally friendly, gas, wall mounted boiler (inside or outside).  Unit is about the size of a large suitcase. Most cost effective, flexible, comfortable, controlled whole of house heating system available in Victoria.

  • Hydronic Heating can heat a house or adjust its output between 11kW – 34kW.  Heating allows for approximately 1kW per house squar (Imperial).
  • Insulated water lines are run from the boiler to hydronic wall panels, towel rails, floor radiators, skirting board radiators.
  • Very popular in Europe as there is no air movement, no dust, can have the home hot water (showers, laundry etc) and heating panels all running off one boiler.

Each panel can be adjusted to suit the temperature needs in each room. Optional extra: Temperature valves on each panel to set an actual temperature and hydronic systems run with a 7 day programmable timer thermostat.