No matter how cold it gets outside this winter, keep your home wonderfully warm with Braemar, Australia’s most efficient range of ducted gas heaters. Ducted gas heating delivers natural whole-of-home heating – so your living areas, bedrooms – even your bathrooms – can be warmed, when you need them to be.

Why you should choose ducted gas heating

Having a consistent warm, comfortable environment is critical for the health of you and your loved ones during the cooler months. Ducted gas heating provides consistent, reliable, and comfortable heat.

There are numerous compelling reasons to keep or switch to ducted gas heating if you are renovating or have an older inefficient system. In the last 20 years, ducted gas heating has advanced significantly, providing significant efficiency savings and performance improvements. Replacing an old system with a new Braemar ducted gas heating solution can result in significant energy bill savings.


Braemar ducted gas heating Features and benefits

Maximum efficiency with the InShot Burner TM

  • Thorough air/gas mixing for clean, efficient combustion

No pilot light ensures the heater works everytime

  • Electronic ignition guarantees reliable ignition
  • No standing pilot saves wasted gas when heater is not being used

Flexible installation for all types of homes

  • Unit can be safely installed in the roof, under the floor or outside the house
  • Ducts can be installed in the ceiling or under the floor
  • Two-piece configuration means easy installation.

Maximum energy efficiency with Ecostar ® Tri-Action TM heat exchanger

    • Standard on TQM6 and TQS7 series ducted gas heaters
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Maximum heat transfer in minimum space

Whisper quiet operation with variable speed combustion fan

      • Combustion fan safely expels all combustion gases outside.

Use less energy with heater output modulation

      • The Modulating Gas Control in conjunction with the micro-processor controlled burner, efficiently burns the right amount of gas for any given situation. It can burn from 100% gas rate all the way down to 6% gas rate on our 7-star equivalent* heater range when zoned.*

Australian Gas Association (AGA) tested and certified

      • Multi level safety controls standard on all of our ducted gas heaters
      • Integrated control system monitors all heater, flame sensor and safety functions.

Use less electricity with an Inverter motor

      • Australia’s first and only inverter motor for ducted gas heating, available on the 7-star equivalent* range only
      • Designed to distribute warm air via ducts quickly, effectively and discreetly
      • Save on running costs

No cold drafts with Softair TM fan system

      • Exclusive to Braemar
      • Delivers continuous warm air.


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